About Me

I am an industrial and product designer with a big passion to the world of interactive design.


I came to the world of design from a scientific background. In high school I majored in mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer-science. So, as a designer, I always try to combine these 2 worlds together. To come up with new ideas, to test the boundaries of design, as we know it, and to rethink of the ways we can interact with the world around us.


I have a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Product Design from “Shenkar - Engineering. Design. Art”. During my final year I also started lecturing at the department of Industrial Design. My experience includes working with other designers as well as working in startups alongside engineers, scientists, business & marketing and security as well.


I am currently living in New-York City, looking forward to new challenges, to keep on exploring and creating, combining all my passions together.


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