Bar Stool


A Wooden Hand-Made

Bar Stool


Materials: Maple Wood & PLA


"70% Wood", was the basic instruction. Beside it, I had to design and build a seatable stool of course.


Although on first look this bar stool's legs may seem to be in a random order, they are actually arranged to create a stable geometric composition which allows its elegant height of almost 70cm.


All wooden parts were hand made on the lathe from maple wood, whereas the connectors, which give the legs their many directions, were 3D printed from PLA reusable plastic.

The Final Parts

All were made by hand except for the conectors which were designed by a 3D-computer software (Solid) and were 3D-printed

The Making Process

Mock-ups Along the Way

A variety of mockups in different scales  and proportions - from 1:5 until 1:1