An Immediate Turn & Drive into

Any Direction

The concept for this innovative vehicle came after a thorough observation of the urban environment. Our growing cities become more and more crowded, full of people but also full of a variety of electric motored vehicles. This situation, when there's a close interaction between people and vehicles, followed by unclear routes sometimes, happens often and is dangerous for both sides.

My solution, is a personal motored vehicle based on a new steering system. An electric motored wheel is located at the center of the vehicle, thus, allows the user more control, accurate turning  and precise maneuvers.

Top Surface

For the user to stand


Allowing the movement of the middle surface between the top and bottom surfaces

Middle Surface

Connected to the electric motored wheel, steered by the handlebar

Electric Motored Wheel

Rechargeable, gas and brakes controlled by the handlebar

Bottom Surface

Connecting the caster wheels and the top surface

Caster Wheels

Following the main motored wheel


Working Prototype


Emergency Light


Esthetic, Functional Lightning


Materials: HDPE and ABS Plastics,

LED Light & Electronics


An emergency light is something almost everyone has at home, but it never gets any attention. Trying to design one is challenging, yet very interesting.


The idea behind my design is to create a body with 3 main parts: Light (LEDs), Power (battery) and Energy (charger). Each part stands on its own merit but is also a part of the whole product.


My goal was to create an esthetic and practical product, that on one hand, the user would like to display it in his living room, and on the other, it would be functional to walk with it at a time of a power-break.


Coffee Machine


A Desirable Coffee Machine


Materials: Plastic, Glass &



After experimenting with the morphology of shapes such as box, cylinder and sphere as well as experimenting with different methods of inspiration, I designed and created a coffee machine using my insights.


In this project I followed my personal taste and desires to create a coffee machine I would like to own in my home.


More then just a machine this 360 object interacts with his surronding using his majesty and esthetic becoming something one would like to see and use on a daily basis.




3D Printed Objects Based on

the DNA of a Missile

Materials: PLA Plastic


Catching the core, or the DNA of an object is an important things for a designer. Knowing how to recognize it as well as how to use it.


I designed and created the following objects with the essence of the "Margema" missile as a guiding reference. The main characters of the missile were taken in considaretion into a series of 4 objects.


All objects were 3D-printed in a home 3D-printer which gave them their neutral color and the roughness of the printed layers.

Recognizing the basic characteristics of the missile and striping it into the most simple shapes and features