Capturing and Reshaping Sound

in Real-Time


Music - an art form whose medium is sound and silence organized in time. In this project, I wanted to deal with music and sound in a new refreshing way, as something tangible that can not only be heard, but also seen and touched. 


Within the world of sound, I chose to focus on Electronic Music, where I identified a huge need for Interactive Design. Basically, it means to design not only the product itself, but also the entire experience of the user with it. The main purpose is to allow the user a much more easy, convenient and intuitive interaction with the product.


With ReSound I created a new, tangible and more holistic experience with music. This is a product for electronic music production, which uses a tangible representation to sound and to the user interaction with it.


ReSound contains two elements: the first, the ‘Sound-Ball’ is mobile, 'sound unit' that can be used as a sampler. It allows the user to take it with him anywhere in order to sample any sound he would like from his surroundings. Each ‘Sound-Ball’ enables recording, storing, and replaying of a single sound.


The second element is an immobile station, which can be placed in the user’s home or recording studio. The station wirelessly connects with the user’s computer and has a dual use. It allows the user to deploy the sampled sound straight to the track he is currently working on. Afterward, the station acts as a mouse or a joystick, to enable an intuitive, quick and live reshaping of the sampled sound, inside the track.

From the Press:

The project was recently presented at an exhibition dedicated to the "Future of Sound" in China at the prestigious TDW — Tianjin International Design Week 2018

BoomBox Play (BBP)


An Interactive Boombox Player

for the Beach

BoomBox Play was developed during a course of interactive interfaces. The motivation was creating a music player, which encourages social interaction (for social experience between people), just like the nostalgic Boombox.

The BBP is designed to be used in the beach. It has a dual use as a music player and as a ball. As long as the players are throwing and passing the ball from one to the other, the music  continues playing, dictating the rhythm and atmosphere of the game. As the  game continues, the music’s beat goes up, making the players go faster and faster.

BoomBox play was developed and designed in a collaboration with industrial designer Rotem Perets at Shenkar's Media-Lab.

A Window for Windows

Closing your computer-windows has never been so fun, intuitive and easy

Just close the mini wooden-window and magically a window on your computer will be closed as well.

A real wooden-window is connected with an Arduino to the computer, thus creating a connection between the real and virtual windows.

In this project we used the well-known metaphor of Microsoft ‘Windows’ combining the mechanical and digital worlds, to create a new refreshing TUI (Tangible User Interface).


One physical, tangible action enables a virtual, intangible computer command.