A Chair

Comfort And Simplicity


Materials: Oak Wood & Iron Pipes


The chair, I designed, is characterized by minimalism, elegance and flow, giving the user an effort free and relaxing sitting experience.


The foundation of the chair is made from smooth, flowing, elegant lines, warped in the 3D space, while the seat and back-support are designed as flat circular surfaces. The combination of these two elements gives the chair its unique statement.


To further emphasize the characteristics of the chair, I have selected to leave all its parts (pipes and wood), at their basic and natural form.



Heroic Look & A Perfect Suit


Materials: Silver plated alpaca alloy


To broaden my experience as a designer, I had chosen a project which was made in a collaboration with the Jewelry Design Department.


My sunglasses concept was inspired from Superheroes, their masks and their unique identities which come with it.


I designed and created sunglasses which resemble a mask, thus, give a refreshing and unique "Heroic" look. The gentle and light design sits perfectly and comfortably all around the face.


All parts (except for the lens) are hand-made: sawing, bending, soldering and polishing.

 The sunglasses are currently presented at the "Glasses Museum", (Tel-Aviv, Israel) 



The First 3D Printed Clan

Materials: PLA Plastic


Hairdollz is a clan of dolls which is created using a FDM 3D printer.


My project started during a course of Toys Design, which focused on toys that can be printed in this standard printer. The basic ground rule was, that the toy must justify the use of a 3D printer.


In my research, I tried to push the boundaries of the 3D printer and take it to the next level. Playing with gravity and the printers need for support, I developed a method for printing in mid-air. Controlling this method I created a mass of string and designed them to look like Hair. Using my innovative method, I designed and printed a ‘Clan’ of dolls.

In the final clan, each doll has a different character which is given to it using variations of the 'Hair' I developed (as the main body), alongside other features such as different postures, legs, horns and the color of the fillament.

Research & Development


The unique method I use to print their Hair, causes each to be a bit different and makes each doll one of a kind.


MUJI Workshop


An Ergonomic-Small-Footprint Sellotape-Cutter


Materials: Metal & Rubber Bands


In this workshop we worked in teams of 2 to invent and design a new tabletop accessory for the famous no-brand-company - MUJI.


During this 5 days workshop we developed and designed an ergonomic-small-footprint solution for cutting sellotape. 


A device which also enables you a quick and efficient way for folding the edge of the sellotape without leaving any fingerprints. 


(Collaboration with Oren Geva)