About Me


I came to the world of design from a scientific background. In high school, I majored in mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer-science, and later served 3 years as a technician of underwater-electronic systems in the navy.

From a young age I had a passion for exploring and understanding how things work and a drive to work with my hands doing arts & crafts. By creation and destruction and by combining things together, I tried to come up with new ideas.


As I came to the world of design, I decided to explore as much as I can on one hand, within the world of design, and on the other hand outside this world. These explorations help me broaden my horizons. I keep pushing the boundaries between the different worlds and try to combine them together in order to improve my designs and make them innovative, refreshing and relevant. Using my past scientific knowledge, taking courses from other design departments and working on projects in collaboration with engineers, are all part of my effort to design better products. I always try to bring something new and to come up with new ideas.


I have a B.Des as Industrial Designer from "Shenkar - Engineering. Design. Art", and I am looking forward to keep on exploring and creating.


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